Policies and Procedures

Architectural Standards (Updated: 8/2021)
Brick Stain Color Chart (3/2021)
Deck and Fence Stains (4/2020)
Assessment of Charges for Rule, Covenant and Architectural Violations Policy (08/2015)
Ball Field Policy (See Forms for Ball Field Reservation Form)
Child Care Business Resolution (NEW; adopted 12/4/2019)
Code of Conduct / Meeting Rules Policy (08/2017)
Commercial Vehicles Policy (08/2014)
Conflict of Interest Policy for Officers, Board Members and Key Leaders (06/2017)
Doorhanger Policy (01/2007)
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Policy (UPDATED! July 2023) – See Forms for EV Charging Station Application
General Policies (04/2012)
Meeting and Voting by Electric Means (Updated: 2/2024)
Meeting Room Use Policy and Rules (09/2006)
Newsletter Procedure (Updated: 05/2023; 02/2017)
Parking / Towing Policy (Updated: 04/2020)
Policy Resolution Concerning Authorization to Enforce Leash Law on Common Areas (NEW: 1/2023)
Policy Resolution Association Complaint Procedures [CICB Regulations] (10/2012)
Policy Resolution Regarding Delinquent Assessment Payments (08/2013)
Pool Parking Lot Policies and Procedures (Updated: 04/2023)
        (See Forms for Pool Parking Lot Application Form)
Pool Rules (02/2024) (See Forms for Pool Registration Form)
Pool Party Reservation Form (See Forms)
Proxy Policy (06/2017) (See Forms for Proxy Form)
Reserve Study – NEW (08/2019)
Resolution Regarding Access to Financial Institution Records (10/2018)
Sponsorship Policy (New October 2018)
Tree/Shrub Maintenance Policy (revised 12/05/2018)
Tree/Shrub Replacement Policy (07/2007)
Trash Policy (revised 01/223)
Website Procedure (06/2018)