HOA Payments

Please note that you have 3 ways to pay your assessments

  1. Pay on-line. Go to this link. You can pay by credit card or by electronic check from your checking account. Both options utilize the latest security measures for your online safety. Paying by credit card will incur a convenience fee. The management company ID is 6657 and this will automatically populate with the link.  The association ID is 000NCA.
  2. Sign up for direct debit from your account. If you would like to sign up for this method of payment, simply fill out the ACH application in full (Direct Payment Authorization Form), sign it and mail it back to the Alexandria, Virginia address below. Be sure to attach a voided check if funds are drawn from a checking account. Do not attach a deposit slip. You will receive a confirmation letter with the start date for the debit. Please continue to mail your payments until you are notified of the start date.
  3. Send your payment by mail. Use the address on your coupons to send your payments to the bank’s lockbox. Please Note: a coupon should be sent with each payment you make, if one is received. Be sure and make check payable to your homeowner’s association and include your homeowner account number on the check.
    (Payments Only)
    Newington Community Association
    C/O Summit Management Processing Center
    P.O. Box 95366
    Las Vegas, NV 89193-5366
    (Correspondence Only)
    Summit Management Services, Inc.
    8405-A Richmond Highway
    Alexandria, VA  22309
    Phone: 703-360-0904
    Fax: 703-746-8585
    Email: accounting@summitmanage.com

Disclosure packets can be ordered through the Summit website (http://www.summitmanage.com) from the home page and click on the “Homeowner” tab. From there click the drop down menu to select “selling or refinancing” to be directed to “Homewise Docs” to place orders.

Insurance Certificates.  Many mortgage companies ask for the association Certificate of Insurance or COI when completing refinances or home sale documents.  Please contact the association’s insurance agent directly, Casey Whitmarsh of State Farm, 703-372-1964, to request this information.